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Product Categories:

• Uninterruptable Motor Drives (UMD)

• High Voltage Rectifiers - Surface Finishing



Back power AC supply for the following:

  • Steam Turbine Lube Oil Emergency Pump

  • Turbine Control Systems

  • Compressor Emergency Rundown Oil Pump

  • Gas Turbine Systems

  • Gas Expanders Emergency Rundown Oil Pump

  • Fuel Forwarding Systems

High Voltage Rectifiers

Based on our unprecedented experience of switch mode rectifiers for the Surface Finishing industry, the FlexKraft ™  is designed and built to meet our customer’s highest performance requirements. The result: easy to use and maintain rectifiers that run 24/7 at full load under the most demanding operating conditions.
The feedback from our customers speaks for itself: the FlexKraft and Surface Finishing is a match made in heaven.


  • Energy Savings – Near 90% efficiency across range

  • Improved Uptime

  • User Friendly

  • Upgradability

  • Multiple Outputs In A Single Stack

  • Local & Global Service


  • Air-Cooled Rectifiers

  • High Current SCR Rectifiers

  • Water-Cooled Retifiers

  • Pulse Plating Rectifiers

  • Marine Rectifiers

  • Remote Controls

UMD S400.jpg
UMD C100.jpg
AirCooled Rectifiers.jpg
water-cooled rectifiers.jpg

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