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Lube Oil Systems

Coolant Consoles

Seal Systems

Pump/Filter/Tank Packages

Hydraulic Power Units

Industrial/Chemical Process Skids

Industrial Pump/Mixer Rafts

Certifications & Standards


Engineering Design Services

  • Autodesk Inventor Professional

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • AutoCAD P&ID

  • Autodesk Showcase

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Prototyping

  • Package Engineering

  • Cost Reduction Study

  • Always Using the Latest Software


Manufacturing Capabilities


As a premier fabricator, welding is the core competency of our manufacturing team. Our employees take great pride in producing consistent high quality welds to various industry standards including, but not limited to the following:

  • ASME Section IX

  • ASME B31.1

  • ASME B31.3

  • AWS D1.1



As a manufacturer of custom designed systems, our products typically utilize many different grades of carbon and stainless steel. We have welders certified to company standard weld procedures for the following steels:

  • Stainless Grades 304, 316, 317, 347, 309, and 310

  • Carbon Steels as Defined by P1, All Groups

Standard weld procedures include GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW processes for a wide range of material thicknesses

Inspection & Testing Capabilities

All finished products are stringently tested to meet end-use requirements. Our employees use standard test plans and custom inspection procedures to perform run tests as needed to meet domestic and international customer requirements. We frequently run test equipment to many electrical supply requirements including, but not limited to, 120V, 240V, 400V, 480V, 575V, and 690V with varying frequencies.

Visual weld inspections are completed by internally certified employees. Other nondestructive inspection requirements are fulfilled by trusted third parties. These inspections include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

  • Dye Penetrant

  • Magnetic Particle

  • Weld X-Ray

  • AES Material Analysis

  • Production Sawing

  • Functional Testing


Painting and Blasting

Our wet paint finishing capabilities have evolved to support the complex requirements of our worldwide customer base. We routinely apply Sherwin Williams, Dupont, Carboline, and PPG industrial coatings to stringent specifications

Case Study


Safety In Design

Unit Size: 16' L x 13' W x 8'4" H & 9' L x 8' W x 3'8" H

Unit Weight: 11,850 LBS & 4,300 LBS

Flow Rate: 42 GPM & 46 GPM

Opportunity: We had two lube oil consoles for two different customers with very similar flow rates and components. However, one customer was focused on Safety in Design and the other had a small envelope where the console needed to fit.

Solution: CTS is well versed in both Safety in Design (SIDS) and Human Factors Engineering (HFE). We packaged one unit on a larger skid, while taking into account all elements of the Safety in Design specifications. We packaged the other unit with almost the same flow rate and very similar components within a much smaller footprint.

Case Study


Industrial Raft Innovations Project

Unit Size: 8'6" W x 18'3" L x 8'8" H

Unit Weight: 6,275 LBS

Opportunity: In a paper mill operation, the waste water pond was filling with effluent sludge. The customer was looking into options for removal of the sludge without draining the pond.

Solution: The lagoon cleaning raft is a breakthrough in the field of municipal and industrial cleaning. A unique mixer/pump raft system re-suspends and pumps solids making it the ideal water cleanup solution. The raft is easily maneuverable and is the most cost-effective way to clean an entire lagoon. The raft is composed of a main section incorporating the functional elements and two supporting outriggers. The main section and outriggers are individually constructed, which facilitates transportation. They can then be readily joined in the field. The structure can be made from carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Although stainless steel is more expensive, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, durability in a wider variety of environments, a much greater life expectancy, and is virtually maintenance free.


For more about Powersmith Group's turbomachinery packages and related auxiliary systems for refinery and petrochemical applications, send us a short email describing your specific requirements today -


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