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SSS is the world's leading supplier of automatic overrunning clutches for high power/high speed applications in power generationmarine propulsion and general industrial plant.

The powers transmitted by SSS Clutches currently range from a few hundred kW to 300,000 kW.

The operating principle of the SSS Clutch ensures that it is intrinsically reliable.

Customers include...

  • turbine manufacturers

  • manufacturers of large industrial and marine gearboxes

  • pump and compressor manufacturers

  • fan manufacturers

  • generator manufacturers

Typical Applications
  • Naval Multi engine

  • Naval Multi-engine Propulsion Systems

  • Energy Recovery Turbines

  • Dual Driven Pumps,

  • Compressors and Fans

  • Co-generation Plant

  • Uninteruptible Power Supplies

  • Combined Cycle Plant

  • Electric Power Generation

  • Synchronous Condensing Plant

  • Air or Water Pumped Storage Plant

  • Turbine Turning Gear Drives

  • Gas Turbine Starting Drives

  • High Torque Back Stops

SSS Operation.jpeg
SSS Clutches transmit over 45 million kW

Basic Principles of Operation

The initials “SSS” denote the ‘Synchro-Self-Shifting’ action of the clutch, whereby the clutch teeth are phased and then automatically shifted axially into engagement when rotating at precisely the same speed. The clutch disengages as soon as the input speed slows down relative to the output speed.


The basic operating principle of the SSS Clutch can be compared to the action of a nut screwed onto a bolt. If the bolt rotates with the nut free, the nut will rotate with the bolt. If the nut is prevented from rotating while the bolt continues to turn, the nut will move in a straight line along the bolt.

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