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If you require low-volume and/or high-pressure compression of hazardous gas with zero leakage and zero contamination. When you specify a compressor to API 618, you expect the high reliability achieved by compliance with the Standard.


Non-contaminating, process air and gas, diaphragm compressors with compression ratios as high as 15:1 per stage. Ideally suited for applications handling rare or toxic gases where positively no leakage or contamination is essential. Head Integrity Detection Systems monitors diaphragm group and process seal. Complete skid mounted systems are available with flows from less than 1 to more than 150 inlet CFM and with discharge pressure to 30,000 PsiG.

Product Categories

• Diaphragm Compressors 
• Piston Compressors 
• Turbomachinery Auxiliary Systems 

“Compression... Without Exception® Burton Corblin Process Compressors from Gas and Air Systems”

Gas and Air Systems’ Burton Corblin Compressor packages include the following important features required by API 618...without exception.® API 618 demands it... you expect it, and we provide it without exception.


Key Features
  • Fully API 618 compliant

  • Water-cooled, horizontal cylinders

  • Replaceable dry cylinder liners

  • Two-compartment, full-stroke distance pieces

  • Buffer-purged packing cases

  • Conservative design and ratings.Diaphragm compressors can be provided as fully tested skid-mounted packages ready for easy installation and problem-free commissioning

  • Suitable for virtually all dry gases including helium, hydrogen and nitrogen


  • Our unique HIDS system provides constant real-time monitoring of head integrity and provides a fail-safe stop procedure and containment of process gas in the event of a breach, thus providing absolute safety in operation.

  • Low rotation speeds minimizes fatigue.


Shop Certification


Certified: ISO 9001:2015



What GAS Provides

Engineering, Design, Packaging, Service, Spare Parts

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Diaphragm Compressor
Periflow Compressor
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Piston Compressor

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