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• Custom Flexible Disc Couplings

Headquartered in Wisconsin, PSC Couplings’ mission is to bring a significant increase in value and service to the flexible coupling market with a product 100% made in the USA.


PSC designs and produces high quality drop-out spacer disc couplings. 

  • High quality is assured with all manufacturing and assembly completed in the United States.

  • Installation and service are simplified with disc pack cartridge assemblies that are fully unitized, collapsible, and self-piloting all with the use of standard fasteners. 

  • Product complexity and costs are reduced compared to the competition with 12 coupling sizes covering a wide range of torque ratings (from 2,500 in-lbs to 3,500,000 in-lbs continuous torque)

  • All couplings are fully customizable.

Industry Leading Product Features:
  • Manufactured with tight tolerances that provide an AGMA Class 9 balance as standard (AGMA Class 10 and Class 11 optional).

  • Made with high strength alloy steel hubs to provide improved strength and allow for an optimized maximum bore.

  • Unitized disc pack simplifies assembly and maintenance and provides improved performance.

  • Assembled with high strength socket head cap screws that are commercially available. This allows customers to easily replace fasteners, unlike competitor’s couplings that use expensive proprietary body ground shoulder bolts.

Examples of Custom Options:
  • Coatings

  • Shrink Discs

  • Torsional Tuning

  • Unique Materials

  • Hub Bushing

  • Splines

  • Limited End Float

  • Low Moment Design

  • Cold Weather Option

  • API 671 Compliant

  • Torque Limiting Shear Pin

  • Floating Shaft Center Spacer

  • Tapered Bored

  • Hydraulic Taper Bores

  • Inertia Adders

  • Torque Meter Integration

  • High Speed (>5000 rpm)

  • Semi Split Hub (No Heat Removal)

  • Long Span Center Member

Superior Quality Driven by Manufacturing in the USA
  • The PSC team has a strong understanding of engineering and manufacturing requirements; the engineering design and manufacturing processes are tightly linked.

  • Each coupling is runout to confirm true balance.

  • All manufacturing and assembly completed in the United States.

  • All orders reviewed to ensure proper design selection.


For more about Powersmith Group's solutions for industrial Flexible Disc Couplings, send us a short email describing your specific requirements today -


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