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Chromalox is - Advanced Thermal Technologies. As the inventors of electric heating technology, Chromalox specializes in developing advanced thermal technologies for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications.


Temperature Management

Their complete heat trace systems are designed to optimize each individual application and feature our extensive line of heat trace cable, control and monitoring products. Count on Chromalox for your most demanding applications including:

  • Process temperature maintenance

  • Long pipe line heating

  • Foundation heating

  • Snow/ice melting

  • Freeze protection of pipes, tanks, valves and instrumentation

  • Industry Specific Applications

Process Heating

Just about everywhere you can imagine an application for process heating, you’ll find a Chromalox solution.

  • High temperature gas heating for continuous catalytic reformers

  • Amine and glycol reboilers used for refining oil

  • Assortment of hydrocarbon stream vaporization and superheating

  • Silicon tetrachloride heating for polysilicon production

  • Super-critical water processing at extreme pressures and temperatures for the alternative energy sector. 


Take a look at some of these other applications – and find out how you can improve operating costs, decrease installed costs and enhance overall operations.

  • Mol Sieve Regeneration

  • Natural Gas Dew Point

  • Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR) Process Heating

  • Steam Superheating

  • Reboilers and Regeneration Heating

  • High Pressure Seal Gas Heating

  • High Temperature Heating

  • Hydrocarbon Boiler Vaporization Appliations

  • Defrost Gas and Trim Heaters

  • Knock Out Drum Heaters


Component Heating

When you’re designing a component heating solution, count on the application and design engineers at Chromalox to provide world-class custom design solutions. They’ll work with you to deliver the highest reliability and best value along with the lowest risk to your schedule and budget.


Markets served: Transportation, Oil & Gas, Process Heating, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation & Transmission, Life Sciences, Plastics and Packaging, and Commercial Cooking.


Application sampling:

  • Railcar Comfort Heating

  • Aircraft Fuselage and Instrument Heating 

  • Heavy Equipment and Applications

  • Life Science Instrument Heating

  • Power Generation and Power Transmission

  • Chemical Process Heating

  • Extreme Industrial Applications


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